Man Puts A Dog to Death and Assaulted the Women Who Stopped Him from Doing So



A man in Nagpur put a puppy to death and then assaulted a women who stopped him from doing so. The accused Abhishek Ingle is a resident of Manav Sena Nagar that is located near the Seminary hills in Nagpur, and works in Sugana Group of Companies.

The puppy who was named as sunny was a street dog, and was taken care by the local resident of that specific area and an animal lover Karnika Pandey. Abhishek took away the puppy because he did not like dog living in that specific locality.

Worried the 25 year old Karnika Pandey who is a lawyer by profession immediately contacted and inquired one of his fellow animal lover Dinesh, who actually found the puppy being mercilessly kicked again and again by the 30-year-old Abhishek Ingle.

Abhishek Ingle source

Abhishek than immediately ran away from the location the moment he saw Karnika and her friend are coming there.  Dinesh who saw him kicking the two months old puppy said that, Abhishek kicked Sunny (the dog) so hardly that his intestines immediately bursted out.

The animal lovers Akash Waleja, Rohit Yadav, Dinesh Zile, Anjali Vaidyar, Ekansh Dhoble, Rina Tyagi & Aparna Modak, who are a part of specific organization late in the night immediately approached the Gittikhadan Police Station, lodging a complaint against Abhishek Ingle for bringing dog in this state.


In return when Abhishek came to know about the FIR being lodged against him, threatened Karnika with many different consequences and this argument further led him to molest her – tearing down her t-shirt and throwing her away on the ground. He is a man who is at an executive post of the Sugana group of companies. And do you think that he will respect the women who are actually working under him. Do you think he is a man who will protect another women in the society, says Seetha Anil kumar, an animal rights activist, when asked on Facebook.

Abhishek was then reportedly booked under the section 354 which is a non bailable offense. However, the 30-year-old for now is said to be out on bail. Thanks to the entire our judiciary and political system for bringing him out on bail.

The pictures of this two month old puppy is widely been shared on social media, expressing the feeling of disgust and shock at the barbarity of a man and calling for stronger laws against the animal abuse. Another innocent creature today has lost his life just because he had been living in that locality.

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