Man Went To McDonald’s To Enjoy Coffee But Found Cockroach Legs In It. McDonald’s Apologized

Many incidents have put questions on the safety and hygiene standards of the reputed outlets and now one more incident has taken place in a McDonald’s outlet in Bangkok which has again showcased the poor condition of hygiene of the outlet.

A customer, known as Nostalgic Eik on the social networking site Facebook, visited McDonald’s where he was offered a cup of coffee with “cockroach legs” floating on the top.

McDonald’s Apologized

He posted about it with the photo on Tuesday and till Friday, the post was breaking the Internet with more than 14,000 reactions and 1700 shares.

Thai man’s Facebook post

McDonald’s Thailand also took to Facebook to “apologise for the incident” and tried to assure customers that safety standards will be followed by its employees.

McDonald’s Facebook post

The statement which was written in Thai stated that the manager of the concerned outlet has already apologised to the consumer as well as gave him another cup of coffee. The News Asia channel reported that the coffeemaker was opened by the employees to check it and it has been sent for inspection.

The customer demanded another cup of coffee as he felt that the legs of cockroach must be in the cup before coffee was poured. However, this was written in the post of Nostalgic Eik,

“But when the employees poured another cup, it seemed that they found more cockroach legs in the coffee. I felt even more terrible.”

Obviously, anybody would have felt terrible if he/she got to see cockroach legs in coffee or any other drink but the big question that arises is whether these outlets are really serious about the hygiene and safety standards and they are really concerned with the health of their customers or not. People tend to believe that they will be getting good food at these outlets but what they get in return of their money is legs of cockroach. Sigh!

Be careful next time when you visit any reputed outlet.

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