Mia Khalifa to Make a Debut in Malayalam Movie Following the Foot Steps of Sunny Leone

Yes this adult star Mia Khalifa is all set to make her first debut in the Malayalam movie. According to the reports Mia has been brought on board to play a very crucial role in the film called Chunkzz 2: The Conclusion.

After a massive hits in the Bollywood Industry, Sunny Leone is now determined to carve her career in the film industry. In the year 2011 we had the actress performing in one of India’s most popular show Bigg Boss, and later was then starred in some of the best films of the Bollywood industry.

According to the reports of the New Indian Express, Mia Khalifa who is reportedly retired after a year in the adult film, will soon be entering into the Indian Film Industry playing her first debut in a Malayalam film. She has been approached on regular basis to play the role in the upcoming film in order to hit this adult comedy flick Chunkzz 2. The movie is believed to be released in the month of May 2018.

The adult star moved out to become a host for one of the sports channel and has been courting controversies. In fact recently when Mia Khalifa took to Twitter and shared one of image of her as Virgin Mary she immediately landed up into a huge controversy again.

However according to the reports gained by India Today, which will be leading everyone to a greater disappointment it is believed that she would not be doing the film. And according to the fortnightly magazine Mia Khalifa representative has turned out to dismiss all the rumours giving us the confirmation that she will not be entering into the film industry as of now.

Would you like to see Mia in the Indian film Industry again? Do you think that she has the potential to stand next to Sunny Leone in India? Well all these questions will be answered only when Mia Khalifa makes up her mind of entering into the Indian film industry.

Stay tuned for more updates only on upcoming cinemas.


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