Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar Wants To Work With This Superstar actor !!

Miss World 2017

This 20 year old medical student Manushi Chhillar when asked about the future plans, and if Bollywood was something that is in her mind said that she wishes to work with superstar Aamir Khan. Even though the Bollywood industry is something that is still not in her mind, she is still certain to work with this Superstar Aamir Khan At least in one of his films. Manushi after winning the Pageant of Miss World 2017, faced the media for the very first time.

And when asked which male and female actor she finds to be beautiful, this is what she said, I feel all the actors are beautiful in their own way so I can’t choose even one single name. But yes I would definitely wish to work with Aamir Khan if get an opportunity to do so. She also said that Aamir Khan when it comes to his movies, has always has some challenging roles to do plus his movies leaves a message by connecting to the society. In Actresses my favourite even today is Priyanka Chopra.

This young and talented beauty queen who is also medical student, was asked about her future career plans and was also asked if Bollywood is in her mind. This is what she said, “I am very excited how this year will turn out to be for me. I will also be travelling, and visiting other continents. We will be spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene where I’ll be joined by my other Miss World sisters. That’s what I am excited about right now.”

She also said that “Bollywood is something which isn’t on my mind as of now. I really can’t say anything about it,” she said.

Interestingly Miss World 2017 also revealed that her Co-contestants during the competition thought her to be an actor of the Bollywood industry. She also said how the food cooked by her and thought by her mother helped her to connect with the other contestants there.

In the very first week each and every one of them thought that I was an actress, but jokes apart we all are similar and treated each other in an equal manner. We did not have any kind of preconceived notions about each other.

Like a normal human being we go there with a fresh mind, lot of curiosity is created to understand and know each other. I went with a suitcase that is just filled with the Indian food, thanks to my mother and being vegetarian in China. This is how I bonded with all the other contestants and they came to me for food.

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