Modi Is a Bigger Actor than Me and Deserves All My National Awards – Actor Prakash Raj

prakash raj

Prakash Raj who began his career in the Indian Film Industry and acted in most of the Tamil and Malayalam movies, is said to be a close friend of journalist Gauri Lankesh. She was murdered last month at her residence in Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

Prime Minister silence over the unsolved murder case of Gauri Lankesh is the major reason why noted southern Prakash Raj says that his national award are not just deserved by the well-known actors but even by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The actor also continues to say that he has been misquoted that he wishes to return his awards. “He also says I am not a fool to give back all my national awards which is given to me for my best performance at work and I am very proud off.”

Speaking at the 11th state meet of the Democratic Youth Federation of India held in Bengaluru the actor said, the killers of Gauri Lankesh have not been caught yet. And what’s disappointing here is that people have been celebrating her murder over social media spreading negativity. Some of them who celebrated her death are followed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter. And we all have a PM Who just shuts down his eyes to this.

Prakash also said that right after the death of Gauri Lankesh he had spoken to the Times of India saying, that he knew Gauri Lankesh for almost 30 years. And we all are like her children and had never thought that such a day would also come where she will be murdered. We were all thought to be honest citizens only when we don’t raise our voice. And if any one raises their voice like Gauri did, then they have to give away their life like she did. This is how we are thought to be and it’s really sad to see where we have really come today.

He says I am worried about why the prime minister is been silent on this. Is he trying to endorse the cruelty of his followers asking individuals seated there, adding that he does not mind returning back all the natural awards to Mr Modi even if he continues to remain silent on such a cruelty.

He continued to slam on the statements made by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He said we as individuals today don’t understand if he is Chief Minister or a Priest. He is also again a better actor than me. I think I should give away all my national awards to him.

Prakash Raj who is again a popular actor in Kannada, Telugu and the Tamil film industry has won many well-known awards for his performance in the movies. The 55 years old Journalist was an editor of the Kannada weekly tabloid newspaper by her name Gauri Lankesh Patrike, and was gunned down by an unidentified men outside her home in the city suburbs on 5th September 2017.

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