Most Dangerous Countries in the World That Are Not Safe Even Today

Top 10 Countries

Who does not love travelling? Heading towards the different countries based across the world enables you to know the diverse societies on the planet. Each place that you wish to visit is never the same and is completely different in terms of life, culture and the last but not the least the society. A few portion of these sports even today are still not safe while some are really safe enough to live your life there. Our blog today is on the top 10 countries in the world that are not safe even today. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Pakistan


Pakistan stands on the fourth position in the list of the top 10 unsafe countries in the world.  They are always in the news with all the wrong reasons. They have been suffering a lot, throughout the years has lost countless lives to terrorism. The country is said to be safe heaven to some terrorist organizations like Jaish – e – Mohammad, Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Toiba.

2. Jamaica


 While there currently no travel advisors for Jamaica, it is believed that this country is popular for violent crime and shootings that are still rampant in some parts of the world. Even the guests who are staying at the resorts can be turn out to affected.

3. Venezuela


This country has seen the highest voltage against the Nicolas government. It has always been accused of giving shelter to some of the terror groups like FARC and the last but not the least AL Qaeda.

4. Egypt


 Egypt is marked to the list of our top 10 unsafe countries in the world. The reason behind this is the Islamist movement Al-Islamiyya, where the entire movement has taken several and innocent lives of the individuals living out there. Even the high level political parties have been targeted out there. The entire movement was carried out in order to implement the sharia law in the country.

5. EL – Salvador


 The Central American country has successfully made it on the list of the top 10 unsafe countries in the world. And the only reason behind this is the gang war. The country has faced the highest number of murders with 103.1 murders per 1000k citizens out there.

6. Honduras


 Honduras is generally believed to be a country that has the high number of crimes. And the crimes that take place within this country is the robbery, rape, murder, home invasions, and the last but the least extortion.

7. Thailand


Thailand takes the last place of being the most unsafe country in the world. The reason for it to be unsafe is the Islamist terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah. Some of the most common crimes that are found in this country is the robbery, kidnapping and the last but not the least murders.

8. Guatemala


 The local crimes that happen here have added Guatemala to be on the list of the most unsafe countries in the world. This country is known to have the high crime rates in the entire world.

9. Yemen


Al – Qaida is believed to be one of the most deadly terrorist organization in the world, and Yemen is a target of this terrorist group. This organization has targeted many US Locals, and the other individuals who are located in this country. Terror is something that does not care for any one and their main goal is to scare or kill the people who are living there.

10. Columbia


 Columbia is placed in the second position of the top unsafe countries in the world. It can turn out to be really deadly if you do not know their limit. You really have to be safe enough if you wish to visit this country.

Continue reading to see which among the countries mentioned above are really very unsafe for you to visit.

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