Navratri Themed Condom Ad by Sunny Leone Leads to Controversy in Gujarat

Sunny Leone

For most of the events festivals are considered to be the right time to increase sales. We come across the A – list of Bollywood stars who have their films being released during some or the other festivals. And as we all know most movies of Salman khan, Shahrukh Khan, and Aamir Khan are released during Eid, Diwali, and Christmas. Having a film released during the time of festivals is Okay. But recently a condom brand promoted their product in an AD featuring Sunny Leone with a tag line, “Play but with love this Navratri”.

Once again through this Sunny Leone is surrounded with huge controversies for promoting the condom Ad during Navratri. It is obvious that it has turned out to hurt the religious sentiments of all the Hindus, as well as of the individuals who have been living in Gujarat. The Condom Ad by Sunny Leon did not actually work out well in Gujarat.

The Hoarding shows Leone on one side staring a text written in Gujarati, “Ya Navratriyon Ramo Parantu Prem Thi” which translates into play in Navratri but with the love between the two dandiya sticks and above the Manforce Logo. These banners in the cities of Gujarat are shouting at the youths encouraging them to use the Manforce condoms in the name of Navratri festival.

Stating the advertisement to be derogatory Khandelwal Consumer Affairs Minister says: This is something that is completely immature and irresponsible attempt made to increase the sales of the product, adding the cultural values at stake. He also continues to hit out at Leone claiming it to be the most irresponsible act of the brand ambassador, who in the lust of earning some money can go to any level of irrespective of the pious and religious occasion of Navaratri even.
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Once again Sunny Leone and her condom ad has turned out to be a huge controversy.

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