Not Standing Up For the National Anthem in the Cinema Hall Just Shows How Arrogant You Are – Sonu Nigam

National Anthem even today is considered to be the most prestigious and sensitive thing. Why do you as an individual wish to belittle it by playing the National Anthem in the theatres. If I respect my National Anthem why I will even play it in a place where people have come to enjoy a movie and do nothing else, says the Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam.

Days after the Supreme Court has made it mandatory to play the National Anthem in all the cinema halls, Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam has come into a debate saying that though he is against the National Anthem being played in the cinema halls, if it is played each and every one should then stand showing some respect towards it.

The Judge of the Supreme Court D.Y Chandrachud on the 30th November 2016 Monday, ordered and made it mandatory for all the Indian citizens to stand and respect the National Anthem when played in the Cinema Hall. He also said there is no need for any Indian citizen to wear his patriotism on his sleeve.

Chandrachud to this further then referred to the Flag code to observe that, it is not mandatory for people to stand while the National Anthem is sung in the Cinema Hall, as it is a place where people come and watch out movies and generally visit for some undiluted entertainment. So in short society is something that needs entertainment.

During an interview with the Aaj Tak Channel, Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam then came forward and expressed his opinion on the entire issue. He says that people’s reluctance to stand up for the National Anthem in the cinema hall comes from an arrogance space.

National Anthem is something that is not just prestigious but even sensitive enough. So why do you want to do the mistake of playing it in the cinema halls when people are there just for an entertainment. If I respect my National Anthem then why will I play it in a place where someone has come to enjoy a movie and they find it to be a pain to stand and respect the National Anthem. So according to me National Anthem should never be played in the cinema halls.

And I also think that if the National Anthem is played, then I will stand and respect it like always. Its not just my National Anthem but will do the same for other National Anthem of the other countries too. Like when Pakistan National Anthem is been played I will not hesitate to stand and respect it. If it’s been played then why can’t we stand and show some respect for it. What’s the arrogance all about?

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