OMG Baahubali Stars Prabhas and Anushka Getting Engaged This December


For all the Baahubali fans out there, there is a good news coming up. And the news is that Prabhas and Anushka have not just been dating each other but are even getting engaged this December. And before you get your hopes up, we will have to burst the bubble up and let you know that these might even turn out to be rumours. And we await to have an official confirmation from them.

Recently Prabhas and Anushka were seen together with the Bollywood diva Raveena Tandon in Hyderabad. The two actors have been working in the films like Billa, Mirchi and the last but not the least Baahubali: The Beginning. In fact in an interview with Prabhas. He brushed off saying this is something that is always expected. He also added that such kind of stories are common in the film industry. In fact I had been expecting something like this.

If you work with one actress in two or three movies then people automatically begin to spread rumours about them in the industry and outside the film industry. Earlier we do use to feel bad about such things and ask how can they write on such things when there is nothing such happening around. But now such stories really don’t bother me. I am really okay with them says the director. Now the sources have revealed that even if they have been actually dating there is no scope for their engagement because they are busy with their films.

Prabhas is busy shooting for his upcoming film next mega budget actioner – Sahoo. He would be starring opposite to Shraddha Kapoor for the very first time, and would require some rigorous preparation from the actors end. And when it comes to Anushka she is all set to sign more films. So for the next six months there is no engagement activity and Incase if anything happens media will be informed.

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