OMG Big Boss 11 Evicted Contestant Zubair Khan Files an FIR against Salman Khan

Big Boss 11

Big Boss 11 is back with all its melodrama and proper entertainment. During the first week of the show itself we get to see Salman khan’s furious version against Zubair Khan. The actor who lost his patience against this contestant for his misbehaviour against a women in the reality show is in trouble.

Since the time the reality show Big Boss has begun, there has been a lot of twist and turns. The audience who are watching the show are unable to keep a tab on what exactly is happening inside the house, as you get to see the contestants bickering, fighting, abusing and what not. And when they found that masala was not enough we got to know that Zubair khan who was evicted in the very first week of the show has filed a complaint against Salman Khan.

The complaint against the well-known actor has been registered at the Lonavala police station of Mumbai. The contestant claims that Salman Khan has threatened him that he would not be able to work in the industry any more once he leaves the big boss house. The complaint further read that Salman Khan made a few statements like, I will make you my dog and will see you after you leave the home.

For those of you who did not follow what exactly happened then here is a thing for you guys. Salman Khan lost his cool for one of the contestant Zubair Khan in the big boss house. The reason behind this attitude and behaviour was that fact that Zubair had been using an in appropriate language in the house especially for the women contestants out there. He had been threatening people to not to kick him off as he can really turn out to be dangerous.

Here is a copy of an FIR registered against Salman : Click

The contestant who claims to have a stronger relationship with Dawood Ibrahims family, left the show on a Saturday morning due to some health issues. Big Boss had called him inside the confession room and was then sent out to have a check-up done by the doctors. Though Salman had informed that he is recovering, it is only by the end of the show where it was announced why he was evicted when compared to the other contestants in the big boss house.

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