Petrol and Diesel to Be Delivered At Your Doorstep Just Through One Click

petrol and diesel

The Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Wednesday made an announcement through twitter, that the government would soon be starting the process of delivering petrol and diesel at home just through one click. The minister at the Indian Mobile event said that the petroleum products will now be made easily available on an ecommerce platform. He also says that as of now there is no confirmation yet where these products will be made available and how things will be carried forward.
Dharmendra Pradhan
He also said that they have already been given the permission of doing this. And when had presented this idea a lot many people turned out to be sceptical, whereas now it’s turning to be a reality. He also said that the Indian Oil Corporation had earlier made an announcement of delivering petrol and diesel at home within two months. They have been waiting for the clearances of their products from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization. He also said that there are four crore consumers against one lakh retail outlets for the petroleum products.

The entire plan of the Indian Oil Corporation did not turn out to be successful due to the safety reasons as well. It claimed that this process can possess a huge danger to the public and properties around.

However the process of delivering petrol and diesel at the doorstep of the public has already been taken up by an organization in Bangalore. It is called as the My Petrol Pump. This organization helps in delivering diesel to the selected areas of the customers who order or do the pre- order booking during the specific period of time.

The entire idea of having the petrol and diesel delivered at your door step is to reduce congestion at the petrol bunks saving a lot of time and money.

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