Poor Children Taken to Eat In MC Donald’s and What Happened Next Is Really Disgusting

Poor Children

Humanity is one of those feelings that we humans can actually turn out to have, as this is something that is above all the religion and relations leaving a huge impact in the mind of the people. It’s always a great feeling when you actually step forward and do something for others, and never regret of doing such acts of kindness. In case we forget the person who is helped will never turn out to do so.

But Most Often we do come across a few incidents in life where you don’t just begin to hate others, but also forces us to think about the existence of humanity in this self-centred world. Once such incident turned out to happen in Gwalior where Manisha Kulshreshtha an air force officers wife and a writer by profession, took some poor kids along with her to Mc Donald’s in order to give them a treat of burgers and fries. Your blood will definitely boil when you will know how she was been treated by the manager of the outlet for the kind act.

First the staff made sure that the kids don’t enter the outlet, and the situation seemed to go more worse when Manisha Kulshreshtha and family could not go out due to the parking gates being locked. Her vehicle number was noted down by the security guards of that outlet and the cops were called too. The policeman then with the name Mukesh commanded them to open the gates for her and it was then where her family was allowed to go.

We are really shocked by the way MC Donalds staff turned out to behave with the women and the kids whom she wanted to treat. And she was treated so badly just because she wished to give some bundle of joy and moments to them. And it’s nowhere written that people who are poor or weak cannot enter into such premises when they have no money.

Its really creditable on the part of the women that she did not file any FIR against the MC Donalds staff for locking her and those kids inside the premises. Nevertheless she did share the entire incident on Facebook so that the people themselves could decide and act accordingly. These kinds of incidents are really shameful and not acceptable, and wish that there are some serious steps taken in order to make sure that they don’t happen again and again.

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