‘Radhika apte’ again caught up with nudity scenes


The kabali star who was seen starring opposite rajinikanth in the latest blockbuster kabali which is  still running in theatre worldwide is caught in the midst of the latest whatsapp scam. The actress had recently signed up for a international short film project named ‘parched’ in which the actress had to share passionate love making scene with the co-star adil hussain in the project.

The actor is seen topless in the film and the film being  is  directed by ‘leena yadav’, the production team had only the international audience in their mind which made it normal to have an intimate scene in the film.

This ain’t the first time that the actress is seen making headlines for leaked nude pictures of her in the recent time. The actress has gone all frontal nude for the film as it was only meant for the international crowd and she was promised by the entire team to not release the video in india , or any of its footage as well.

The director in her recent press conference had come out with the details of the project in which she addressed the press saying that the entire team had taken enough care to ensure the safety and results of the projects , even the post production team for the scene were girls. The project after completion was send to new york after the scenes were pixelated by the post production ,from where it was send for the last stage processes but to be unfortunate after a month a video of the actress in her nude form has been leaked and is now circulating in whatsapp.

The actress came out with a bold reply which she posted on twitter when the picture of her nude scene was circulated on various social sites saying “You guys! If you’re going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me,” but this time we are yet to receive any response from her or the entire team about the video and let’s hope that the actress has a backup punchline to keep the media and other sources shut for a while like she managed to do before..


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