Rahul Gandhi Enters Ladies Toilet In Gujarat, Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing

Rahul Gandhi Enters Ladies

The Vice-President of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi is very famous on internet, however, mostly for all the wrong reasons. Just recently, he was on a tour to Gujarat from 9-11 Oct and on Wednesday, he did something which gave fodder to the netizens to troll him once again.

Gujarat will be going for elections soon so Rahul Gandhi is trying his best to improve the fortunes of his party in the state. On Wednesday, he was in Chota Udaipur for “Samwad” event, a meeting with the youth.

After having public meeting, the Congress leader went to the toilet but by mistake he entered women’s toilet. Actually, the signboards outside the toilet were in Gujarati language and they read, “Mahilao Mate Shauchalya”, so he would not have been able to understand that he should not enter there.

His SPG commanders did realised the mistake and stopped the media from shooting it but still the videos of him coming out of the women’s toilet were captured and now they are going viral on the internet.

Here are some selected tweets:

Rahul is constantly blaming PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah for the degrading condition of the economy and deficiency of jobs. He has went on to say they that “acche din” have come only for the family members of BJP leaders and common public has been fooled by them as “Vikas” can’t be seen anywhere.

There is no doubt that the Congress Vice-President is desperate to change his and his party’s image in the eyes of common public and for this purpose, he has even visited temples and fed the cow.

Only time will tell how successful he will be in changing the fortunes of his party but we are sure that he is going to provide some more funny moments to the internet during his tours, what do you say?

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