Ranveer singh needs a better attitude to impress sanjay leela bhansali


There were news about ranveer singh working with sanjay leela bhansali’s latest flick padmavati , which the sources on both ends had confirmed about the new project and the casts in the movie.but surprisingly there is a change in plans and the reason behind it would really astonish us, there are news from the sources that when slb had a talk about the project with ranveer singh , he asked for the narration of the script which made the trend setting director feel hampered with his decision to star ranveer in his script. There is a trend set in the indian cinema where  the  director actor combination entrust their roles with each other , like karan johar and shahrukh khan where the actor never asks for a complete explanation of the script keeping a trust over the director. Guess sanjay leela bhansali was looking forward for such a relation between him and ranveer singh where the actor had to just entrust the director with his instinct and script.

But the rambo of bollywood just failed to realise the fact , and it was sanjay leela bhansali who gave the actor great opportunities during his debut to the film industry in films like ram leela and bajirao mastani which are movies to be remembered for a lifetime.The director just busted out for this response from the actor and is now looking for a replacement of the role, there are news of slb already approaching shahrukh khan where he was unfortunate to turn down the project as a complete dedication of 200 days is required for movie, which the actor is not capable to offer at the moment. Finally the director has managed to loop in hrithik roshan for the role if the sources are true and the duo is looking forward to work together for the first time to make a mark in the film industry.

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