Relations of stars that are buried away


It has become a trend rather say custom for everyone to keep himself updated about the personal life of their favourite star. Our stars may find it hard to find good projects from time to time, but they always do manage to keep all eyes on them by making it to the news always. bollywood stars had a life before they were so called the face of indian films. Let us dig into the post relationship of few of our stars where few ended on a good note while few just didn’t make it through.

deepika padukone and nihaar pandya

The two are said to have met for the first time at an acting school in mumbai, both were into the acting field and they also did come together for the project of himesh reshammiya named aap ka suroor . During her modelling days deepika padukone used to date nihaar pandya and they also used to live in together at mumbai while they dated. But gradually they had to break up and after which deepika got committed to ranbir kapoor. And the rest is known as sweet news to everyone.

Ranbir Kapoor and Avantika Malik

Yes it’s a fact that everybody’s favourite actor ranbir kapoor had a crush on avantika malik who is currently married to imran khan. The story of these two goes back when avantika malik was a child actor and ranbir used to frequently visit his dream love at her set of just mohabbat. But to be unfortunate things didn’t turn out well between them and both have moved forward in terms of their relation goals.

Priyanka Chopra and Aseem Merchant

This is one relation which didn’t turn out well at the end. The desi girl of the indian cinema used to date aseem merchant before she acquired all her  fame and stardom. The sources confirm of priyanka chopra dumping him after she won the miss world crown in 2014.

Later when aseem merchant decided to make a movie based on the story of his ex lady love , it was dodged by priyanka chopra through legal movements.

Alia Bhatt and Ali Dadarkar

As we all know that alia bhatt is currently dating sidharth malhotra , who made their debut into the indian cinema together in their blockbuster hit ‘student of the year’. But before these two met the actress used to date ali dadarkar, who was one of alia’s childhood sweethearts and they were also in the same school together.

Anushka Sharma and Zoheb Yusuf

This relation was over even before it happened. The duo had met at bangalore during their modelling days , later the duo decided to move to mumbai to try their luck with movies. Anushka got lucky and made her debut in the movie ‘rab ne bana di jodi’, while zoheb yusuf couldn’t manage to get into the industry and he returned back to bangalore. This marked the end of their relation and both moved forward to achieve their goals in terms of their career.

Aishwarya Rai and Rajeev Mulchandani

Aishwarya rai is now a part of one of the biggest bollywood families in the present era, and she seems to be doing great in the family. But long before all this happened she used to date rajeev mulchandani whom she had met during her modelling career. But, as she started getting projects she was clever enough to change her relation status with him to just being friends.

 Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Shroff

Before being called the lucky charm of the bollywood for making a 100 crore collection in all her project done lately, our beauty queen used to date the managing director of fame cinemas. The two were dating for a period of two years and was doing fine until the things went from good to bad due to their differences on some personal matter.

 Jacqueline Fernandez and Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa

The new sizzling hot face of the bollywood used to date the prince of bahrain , hasan bin rashid al khalifa for a long period of two years. But as our actress made her debut in bollywood , things changed between them due to rumours about the actress and sajid khan who directed her debut movie. To add on top , the long  distance made a difference and the couple decided to end their two year old relation

Arjun Kapoor and Arpita Khan

Arjun kapoor who made a recent debut to bollywood used to date arpita khan who is the younger sister of our own sallu bhai. Arjun kapoor spoke out about their relation recently on a tv show and to the surprise he also confessed that this was the only serious relation he has ever got into. The duo dated for 2 years and later arpita khan dumped the actor for which the reasons still remains as a question mark.

Ranveer singh and aditya roy kapoor’s common love

The actor ranveer singh used to date one the deols for a short time while he was in college. Ranveer dated ahhana for a while , but the most interesting fact being that ahaana used to date aditya roy kapoor for a very long time of 4 years. But interestingly nothing seems to work for ahaana and she is now married to a delhi based business tycoon.


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