Sachin Tendulkar Requests Twitter For Removing Fake Accounts Of His Kids. Here’s Why

Tendulkar Requests

It’s quite natural for parents to be protective for their kids, especially fathers, and this statement holds true not only for common public but also celebrity fathers. Shah Rukh Khan is the best example of it, as he never fails to come to his kids’ rescue and often he is seen getting angry at media for unnecessarily troubling his children.

Now another father to join this league is the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar may be a legendary cricketer and for some of his fans, he may be the God of cricket but he is also a family man and like any other father, he is also concerned about his kids.

Sachin Tendulkar

If you are a Twitter user, you must be knowing that there are many accounts on the micro-blogging site which are being run by the names of Arjun and Sara while in reality, these two don’t even have accounts on Twitter.

Sachin is active on Twitter since his retirement in 2013 and it disturbs him to see that some imposters are using the photos of his kids and making tweets from their side, which may create a misunderstanding in the minds of common public.

In 2014, Sachin made a request to Twitter and asked for removing all the fake accounts that are in the names of his kids; however, it’s very disappointing that Twitter didn’t take any action.

Now once again, he has demanded the same in a couple of tweets.

His first tweet reads,

“I reiterate the fact that my children Arjun & Sara are not on twitter. We request @Twitter to remove all such accounts at the earliest”

In his second tweet, Sachin wrote,

“Impersonation wreaks havoc, creates misunderstanding & traumatises us. I appeal to the platforms to take corrective measures immediately”


Well, we hope that Twitter will finally take the required action and fulfills Sachin’s demand.

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