Salman Khan Apologizes To Zubair Khan and His Apology Will Make You Laugh

Salman Khan Apologizes

Since the time Zubair khan has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss Show, he has continued to be talking bad about Salman Khan. Starting from Teri Aukat Kya hai to calling him to be the Dawood of the Indian Film Industry, Zubair Khan has created enough drama outside the house as well.

Through the entire week the man has continued to make sensational comments against the superstar, that latter took as a dig at him in the latest episode trolling him in a latest epic way. Before the elimination of Zubair Khan from the Bigg Boss house, the actor Salman khan had been pretty upset with him for all his mouthed behaviour in the house. And when Zubair Khan continued to argue with him, he was forced to say, Tujhe Kutta Banake Rakhunga.

Since then Zubair Khan asked for an apology from Salman Khan. In the latest episode of the Bigg Boss 11, the actor did apologize but not to Zubair instead to his dogs for calling his calling them as one of the contestant of the Bigg Boss House. When he apologized the viewers actually thought that he was saying sorry to Zubair Khan, but Bhai trolled the entire contestants of Bigg Boss house 11 episode.


Salman to the entire incident says, Last week maine kutta bola tha… Main wo comment ke liye maafi mangta hun… Main kutton se maafi mangta hun (I apologise for my dog comment because this wouldn’t be fair to other dogs)”.

 Zubair had even filed an FIR against Salman Khan as he threatened him on the show. This entire reaction of Salman Khan Shows that he is not taking the Zubair Khan Controversy seriously, instead has made fun of him again on the national television. It looks like each and every one in the house has turned out to support the gesture of the superstar when he scolded Zubair Khan for his bad behaviour towards the women in the house.

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