Salman Khan Being Slammed By Twitter for Being Biased Towards Shilpa


Bigg Boss finally after all the controversies has entered into the second month of the reality show. The reality show has been offering us with enough of octane drama throughout the season. Bigg Boss has actually turned out to be the most controversial show of season 11. As the days are passing by the situation are going worse, and the contestants are ready to do anything in order to grab the attention and limelight of the viewers. Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan are believed to be the strongest contestants of the Bigg Boss House.

During this week Weekend Ka Vaar, the episode has divided neitzens are divided into two groups. Hope you remember that Hina and Puneesh were grilled for their wrong things in the Bigg Boss House. Salman Khan had blasted at Puneesh for throwing away the food, and slammed Hina Khan for all her in human behaviour in the luxury budget task. Salman Khan regularly blasting at Hina has not come down yet. Especially when it comes to twitter. Viewers are disappointed and feel that the host of the reality show Bigg Boss Season 11, Salman Khan is being baised towards Shilpa Shinde.

During the entire luxury budget task Shilpa and Bandagi had tried to apply veet on Hina Hair. However Vikas stopped them right there and they did not do it. Incase Shilpa had applied the cream to her hair then it would have really been an inhumane behaviour. But she did not use that. Twitter to this now is very furious with the host Salman Khan, as they expected him to bash at Shilpa for the thing she had planned to do. Viewers are now calling him to be biased host and some of them even think that she is the winner, because of the good side of her for being on the show.

This is how twitter turned out to react to the entire incident:

So what are your thoughts about the entire incident? Do leave your comments below. And stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss season 11 reality show.

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