Sana khan in ‘Wajah tum ho’ is too steamy to handle


The makers of wajah tum ho has finally unveiled its first trailer of the movie giving a glance look for its viewers about the storyline of the movie. But they have surely managed to make sure that the star attraction of the movie has her special highlight in the teaser with her steamy spicy avatar. In the teaser sana khan can be seen in her super hot avatar and there are scenes in the trailer in which sana khan and gurmeet choudhary are sharing some super intriguing scenes together on the big scene which spice up the storyline of the movie. The movie is basically a erotic thriller in which the murderer is in a killing streak and people are trying to unveil the face of the murderer to bring an end to his action. Another highlight to the cast of the movie is sharman joshi who is starred in the movie as the police officer who is trying to solve the case of the mysterious killer . usually sharman joshi is all about entertaining the viewers with his comedy oriented roles, but this time he has decided to set foot into a whole new level of acting which he has never tried before.

Sana khan who was seen in many movies before as the supporting role has finally managed to get into the lead role of the movie and she is sure to make a impact with her super hot avatar in the movie. The movie is directed by vishal pandey and he has made sure to keep the viewers at a nail biting situation all round the movie and the various cast in the movie are  Sana, Sharman Joshi, Gurmeet Choudhary and Rajneesh Duggall with each playing their distinctive roles in the movie. The movie is all set to release on december 2 of 2016 and it’s among those movies which can be looked forward to.

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