Sanjay Dutt’s Box Office Film Bhoomi Is Expecting 12 Crore in the Opening Weekend


(Picture Courtesy : Stardust)

When Sanjay Dutt decided to make a comeback in Bollywood industry, there was a lot of curiosity and excitement to know what he would be picking up next. Bhoomi for him sounded to be a good bet, as this is something that was an intense dramatic subject to Sanjay Dutt’s alley. More over the director of the movie Omung Kumar has really done well on some of the hard hitting subjects like Mary Kom, Sarbajit and hence is expecting another soul stirring experience with Bhoomi. The promo has met with a decent response and hence the stage for the movie was set.

The film will be opening in nearly 2000 screens and is expecting to dominate the box office this week. During a chat with the Indian Express trade analyst Girish Johar said that the film is expecting to have an opening of at least 4 crore, and by the end of this week should touch 12 crore. The Pooja holidays ensure the chances of Bhoomi survival at the box office. This will play a major role in boosting up the film.

While talking about the competition with the various films like Haseena Parker, Newton and Kingsman 2, he says that all the three movies will be performing well and at the end of the day it all depends on the content. If all the three films turn out to have a really good content then they will continue to have an excellent chance of survival at the box office. Colin fifth Starrer Kingsman 2 Might stand up as a huge competition for the film. The western media has already praised the film and is likely to gain a huge attention from the viewers in the metropolitan cities.

It is believed that Sanjay Dutt’s come back film Bhoomi is a revenge drama that centres on the father daughter relationship.

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