‘Settle Zubair’s Case Against Salman Or Face Gang-Rape,’ Salman’s Bodyguard Shera Allegedly Told Woman

Against Salman


There has been a fortnight when Zubair Khan, former BB11 contestant, lodged an FIR in Lonavala against the host of the reality show Salman Khan. Now a lady who runs an NGO and hails from the same city approached cops and alleged that she got rape threats. The accused is none other than Shera aka Gurmeet Singh, the bodyguard of Salman Khan, who warns the lady of dire consequences in case she assisted Zubair.

It was on 9th October that Zubair head to Antop Hill police station for filing a case against the host of Bigg Boss 11 for verbally abusing him on national TV. However, officials at the police station asked him to approach Lonavala City police station and it was there that a Non-Cognisable offence had been lodged. Further, he sought the complainant’s assistance for taking a strong legal action against BB organizers as well as host Salman and as per cops, the lady agreed for it.

On Friday, she lodged a case at Khar police station, alleging that Salman’s bodyguard Shera gave her gang-rape threats if she assisted Zubair.

According to the woman, she got a call 3 days back. The caller identified himself as Shera and wanted the businesswoman to “settle” the issue.

She told Mid-Day,


“He told me ‘why are you bothering bhai? Why don’t you settle the matter?’ When I refused, he abused me and threatened to send 10 people to rape me.”

Here’s what The Hindu is told by her,

“I told Shera that not only was I not interested in any kind of settlement, but I would be filing a complaint against Colours , Bigg Boss , Salman and production house Endemol India. In response, Shera used abusive language with me and threatened to get me gang-raped. I was stunned and enraged.”

When she went to the Khar police station, officials who were on duty didn’t show any interest. As per her,

“I have submitted all call details to the police, but no strict action has been taken yet.”

However, Senior PI Ramchandra Jadhav has refused it, saying,

“We have already registered an FIR in the matter and are conducting inquiries.”

Nevertheless, FIR is filed against “unidentified persons” on the basis of caller’s no. in place of Shera.

This is what Shera had to say over the matter,

“The number from which the call was made is not mine. She has tarnished my reputation.”

The woman added,

“Salman should be punished for having treated Zubair in this manner. Zubair should get justice.”

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