Sophia the Humanoid Robot Awarded an Honorary Citizenship by Saudi Arabia


Yes you have read it right. Saudi Arabia turns out to become the first country in the world to give a robot an honorary citizenship – the rights more than a women. Known to be as Sophia she was revealed in one of a press conference that took place in the capital Riyadh, drawing criticism for country where women are not at all allowed to talk or walk in public when unaccompanied.

Sophia is a robot created by the company in Hong Kong called as Hanson Robotics, who then addressed the audiences in an English language without any customary headscarf and traditional cloak that the women in Saudi Arabia wear while they are in the public.

She also told the delegates out there at the Future Investment Initiative, I would like to thank the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for creating me. This is historical as Sophia is the first robot who will now be recognized through the citizenship given to her.

Under the Saudi Arabia guardianship system, it is believed and followed that every women living there should have a male companion when she is moving in the public, or a close family member who has an act on her behalf. The robot also has all the rights been given that are more than any women who are living out there. The Saudi Arabia law is a part of the gulf system of Kafala limiting all the rights of the foreign workers living there.

Her creation has created a huge buzz on the social media networking sites. One of the journalist in Saudi Arabia said that This robot has gotten Saudi citizenship before kafala workers who have been living in the country their entire lives.”

Moudi Aljohani tweeted: “I’m wondering if Sophia can leave Saudi Arabia without her guardian’s consent since she is officially Saudi!”

United Kingdom is a place that relies on thousands of workers aboard. However there has always been a thriving black super market in a runway involving migrants who fled their employees from there and are unable to leave their jobs due to the existing laws.

This humanoid robot who is now called as Sophia has got the citizenship so easily, while there are millions of linger stateless who still did not get, responded Lebanese-UK journalist Kareem Chahayeb.

What a time we all are actually living in.

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