Splitsvilla Gaurav Arora Makes a Come Back On Indian Television As Gauri Arora Experiencing Women Hood

Gauri Arora

MTV Splitsvilla contestant Gaurav Arora has made each and every one of us come into a shock, with his major transformation into Gauri Arora. Gaurav has turned out to become famous after Splitsvilla Season 8, and he choose to adapt womanhood getting an immediate surgery done. He has been into the news for quite some time now and it’s because his fans just cannot get over his beautiful transformation.

Gaurav who is now known as Gauri Instagram account is filled with enough of beautiful pictures and we are already drooling over them. Did you ever imagine how beautiful she has actually turned out to be? Gauri has not just surprised us with her beautiful transformation but has even surprised us with her auditions for India’s Next Top Model on MTV. Dabboo Ratnani, Malaika Arora, Neeraj Gaba and Milind Soman are the judges of the show and they were moved on hearing Gauri’s story.

Gauri Arora

The judges after listening to her story have appreciated her for the entire process that she went through. Gauri has finally made it on the Indian Television as this is something that she actually wanted and wished to. During her entire journey of transforming into a women she says,

Being a woman is a gift and I have gifted myself a vagina. Three years ago I was a male model. I was on a Men’s cover magazine. Then I did a show with MTV as a male model. I had 8 pack abs, 16-inch biceps. I was a fit model… I still feel nervous because I have broad shoulders, broad arms. I am growing into a woman and I am loving it. I am becoming feminine day by day.” She further says, there was a lot going inside me since my childhood but I didn’t know whom to speak to. But, my parents have been a constant support. They are God to me. It was my Dad who took me to Bangkok. We went to Thailand. Only my Dad was there with me. It must have been difficult for him too to see his son transforming into a girl. I used to tell my dad that, ‘Papa, it’s really very painful, it’s impossible.”

She also said that she will not be wearing a bikini on the show as the world would believe that, she has done the entire transformation just to wear a bikini. Have a look at the video out here:

To conclude I would just say that it takes a lot of courage to make a public appearance, when you have a transformation done like that. And like all the other contestants out there she hopes that she wins her struggle with enough of confidence.

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