This Quora User Claims That Salman Khan Is Married For 3 Years & Has A Son Too

Salman Khan’s movie “Tiger Zinda Hai” is all set to release on 22nd December and we can see that his fans are waiting impatiently for it. Salman is definitely one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema and his admirers are always eager to know everything about his personal and professional lives.

He has been linked with many ladies in the past but all his love affairs had sad endings. And one of the most intriguing questions of the present times is “When will Salman Khan get married?”


This question has been asked many times by Salman Khan but he has always maintained a dignified silence on it; however, one Quora user has made a sensational revelation about Salman Khan and his marriage.

As per this Quora user who has chosen to be anonymous and says that he is very close to the “Sultan” star, Salman Khan is not just married but he also has a son. The Quora user also wrote that Salman is married to a beautiful foreign lady for 3 years now and she lives in a foreign country with her son.


Here is what the Quora user wrote:

“I am someone very close to Salman Khan and I haven’t told this to anybody but it had been killing me inside from a long time so I need to tell it here. YES, Salman Khan is married. His marriage is a secret and his wife doesn’t live in India.

Also, he has a son but this has been hidden from the world. This marriage never happened in India and his wife has never been to India. His wife is a beautiful foreign woman whom he loves very much.

His wife is very understanding and it was her decision not to come out as Salman Khan’s wife in public for his career image and also she doesn’t like the limelight. Salman has been married for almost 3 years now and that is the reason he is not getting married here.”


The Quora user further says:

“Also Salman has contacts beyond limits which can make anything possible for him. He is living a dual life but personally he has a very good nature but only problem is that he is very arrogant sometimes which makes him feel he can do whatever he wants and nothing would happen to him.

I hope he understands he is Salman and not GOD.”

Will Salman Khan make his stand clear on this issue? Who is this person and is there any truth in his revelation? What do you think? Share your views with regard to it in the comments section below.

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