Twitterati Gets a Big Sigh of Relief – KRK Twitter Account Suspended As Diwali Gift

KRK Twitter

The highly controversial Kamal R Khan who has always been in news for some wrong reasons, is also now off from Twitter. Well for all those individuals who felt that this man has taken the right decision of moving out of twitter, then let us make this clear for you that this is a decision that is taken by twitter itself.

This immediately turned out to happen after Kamal R Khan had tweeted about Aamir Khan upcoming film secret superstar, giving out the climax of the movie. He continued doing the same even during the release of Baahubali. The conclusion came out and all the Twitterati lost interest in watching the entire movie.

Revealing the details of the Secret Super star, he wrote that the climax of secret super star goes like this. The father goes to Dubai in order to stay alone, whereas the mother and daughter stay in India itself, and the daughter turns out to be a secret superstar. He continues to say if you @aamirkhan want to prove to the millions of people that their fathers don’t love their children then put your film in the a***n and enjoy watching it alone.

And incase you are not a good father or you want to prove that your father was not a good father, and you never respected him in your entire life then don’t say that we don’t love our children. As per the latest reports its shown that Aamir Khan fans on twitter raised a red flag against him due to which his account got immediately suspended.

The Twitteratis to this are totally rejoicing the move that twitter has taken towards Kamal R Khan, declaring it to be a social media gift for all the users. Given below are the few tweets by individuals that will definitely crack you up.

krk memes

krk memes

krk twittes

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