Two year Boy who used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day This is how he looks after 9 years


Right from our childhood time we have been thought that smoking is injurious to health. But sometimes we come across real and weird kind of stuffs than makes us wonder whether we should be really believing this or not. Recently in Indonesia we came across an incident that shocked each and every one out there, as they came across a nine year old boy who had turned to become a hard-core chain smoker.

The story goes back to a few years where a toddler named Ardi Rizal who is residing in Indonesia, is so much addicted to smoking that he smokes not less than 40 cigarettes a day. His story was able to generate so much news and views that overnight the kid turned out to be a media sensation, where the Indian government had to step in and take a firm step against the addiction of childhood smoking. This was a quite astonishing news to each and every one of us, and the incident dates back to 2010 where the story about Ardi smoking vent viral.

At an early age his mother says that he use to smoke just one cigarette a day, and then started smoking even more in a natural manner. From then onwards he began throwing tantrums, started getting angry, screams, and bangs his head on the wall just because he was not given cigarettes to smoke. He use to feel really dizzy when they were not given to him. He was given a proper treatment for his addiction by the governmental agencies in Jakarta. What was more shocking here is that he began smoking at the age of 2.

Ardi was then immediately moved to rehab so that the doctors can work on his addiction. And because of the treatment that was given to him in the rehab he learned to say no to cigarettes. According to his mother Diane, he use to tell people who offered him cigarettes that he loves Kak Seto who was one of his psychiatrist. He would be really very sad if he sees me smoking again making myself fall ill.

However things really did not seem to work in the way they had to be. Even though he quit his addiction towards smoking he began growing towards another addiction of food. This again turned out to create a huge problem not just to him but even his health. Now that he was addicted towards food he turned out to be overweight. He loves to eat junk and fat food, after a lot of effort this addiction of food then went and stopped.


Thanks to all the treatment that was given to him, he looks fit and fine just like the other guys despite smoking 40 cigarettes in a day and having junk food. Before I conclude the article would just say that never ever smoke no matter what. Smoking is really a bad habit and is injurious to health. So stay healthy and stay happy.

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