Unknown facts of commoner Bigg Boss contestant Puneesh Sharma, which will blow your mind.

Puneesh Sharma

Bigg Boss season 11 is always creating some or the other noises. This reality show has been going strong since the star, and thanks to all the controversial and interesting contestants over there. Viewers who have been watching the show have been getting enough entertainment that they could get from any other reality show. These contestants have been doing each and everything in order to grab the attention of the viewers and to stay for a longer in the show.

Following the themes the makers of this reality show, have then come forward and bought the commoners and celebrities to come and stay under together under the same roof. One commoner who is been successful in grabbing the attention of the marketing audience is Puneesh Sharma. Puneesh has been really doing well on the show when compared to the other contestants, and his romantic angle with his fellow contestant Bandgi Kalra is really doing well. The relationship between the two have turned out to be the talking points both inside and outside the Bigg Boss House.

Puneesh Sharma

    • He is 33 years old and is from Delhi.
    • He has done his Schooling from Modern School in New Delhi.
    • He has done his MSC in international business and is successfully the owner of many business ventures.
    • He is a civil engineer who is again successfully associated with many projects.
    • He has also made some amount of investments in night clubs and bars in the capital city.
    • He as a commoner does know how to live life in a king size. The more number of amount that he earns is the more number of amount that he spends.
    • He is a party animal and is often seen in the night clubs. He has often been seen posing with the celebrities.
    • Puneesh is not new when it comes to the reality shows, he has in the participated in the show Sarkar Ki Duniya in the past, which was sadly not aired. The participant lived on a deserted island and had to compete for survival.
    • He just did not participate but even took home 1 crore rupees for winning the show Sarkar Ki Duniya.

  • The news created a huge buzz on the internet, when it was revealed that he was married previously but got divorced.
  • It is believed that his flirtatious nature with the other women, and constant party spirit led to his separation with his wife.
  • He is again the owner of a club and café that is located in Delhi.
  • He lives in a bungalow that is worth of 12 crore and looks like he is happily living his luxurious life.
  • He is also the owner of a farm house in Delhi.
  • He loves Luxury cars and does own a Mercedes Benz GLA Class and An Audi A4 worth Rs. 45 Lakhs.

So what do you think about Puneesh Sharma when it comes to Bigg Boss Season 11. Are you also his fan? Do share your views in the comments section given below.

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