What??? Karishma Kapoor Is Getting Married Again – Click Here To Know More

Karishma Kapoor

Finally Karishma Kapoor and her husband Sanjay Kapoor divorce proceedings have come to an end last year, And now Sanjay Kapoor is married to Priya Sachdev who was the first wife of Vikram Chatwal. And if everything turns out to go well in the Actresses life, she will then soon be tying a knot with her boyfriend Sandeep Toshniwal as the divorce with his wife is soon going to come to an end.


Sandeep wife is an orthodontist and the divorce is going to be settled outside the court. According to the report of Mid Day sandeep who owns a big pharmaceutical business is believed to pay around 3 crores to his daughters who is 9 and 12 years old. He will also be paying 9 crores to his wife Ashrita, followed by the terms and conditions that will be agreed by both of them in the month of October.

However the custody of the two children will be with sandeep first wife Arshita, and there is no word out on Sandeep visiting his daughters. Arshita who was married to Sandeep in the year 2013 blamed him of adultery. However the advocate of Sandeep, Toban Irani defended his client by saying, “Dr Ashrita is suffering from a psychological disorder where she feels that people are planning and doing something towards her, and she even tends to get aggressive after which it is difficult to control her. We even have doctor certificates that proves her illness, and she did not take treatment when the same was detected. This made it difficult for (my client) Toshniwal to continue his marriage relationship with her.”

In fact Karishma was recently spotted out with her boyfriend Sandeep, when the couple had been chilling out with friends Amrita Arora Ladak and Shakeel Ladak.


While Karishma has not opened up about her relationship with sandeep, their frequent appearance in the public is enough for a proof. And if things go as planned accordingly then the two will be tying a wedding knot soon.

It was during Taimur Ali Pataudi’s birth there were rumours about the two getting engaged. A picture of Lolo flaunting a big rock on her finger tip led to the spark in the rumours. The only reason that the two did not make it public was because of Sandeep already being in a relationship. And it looks like the two have already got a green signal of moving forward with their relationship, as the divorce proceedings have already begun and is soon going to come to an end.

Hope that you live a happy life karishma. May the day soon come into yours life. What are your thoughts on it. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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