Why did Benafsha unfollow every one on Instagram, including her best friend Varun Sood????? 


In the Bigg Boss Season 11 this week, we get to see all the women contestants who are nominated from the house. The three Hina, Benafsha Soonawalla, and the last but not the least Sapna Choudhary are been nominated from the house. It was for sure that Hina Khan was not going to be evicted, due to the popularity that she has among her fans. Now it’s among Sapna and Benafsha, and yes like all the others it did come to a shock when Benafsha gets evicted from the Bigg Boss House.

Yes you read it right. Benafsha is out from the Bigg Boss House and she is quite upset about it. Ben is what she was called in the house, was evicted after she gets three votes from the house. She was also one of the nominated contestants apart from Sapna and Hina on the show.

After being evicted from the reality show Bigg Boss Season 11, her Instagram account showed a weird kind of a change. Her following section on Instagram went nearly empty and had just one account and that was the official handle of MTV. She seemingly started to unfollow each and every one including her boy friend Varun Sood and Ranvijay Singha.

After hearing the verdict the other two contestants in the house, Hina and Priyank broke down. They hugged her tightly and cried before bidding a good bye. All the other contestant along with Hina and Priyank came to say a good bye to Benafsha till the door. After her leaving the reality show the upset priyank said that she was the only one to become his habit in the house.

According to the reports it’s believed that benafshah had nominated herself three times, in order to save her best friend Priyank in the Bigg Boss House. Sapna was nominated as Puneesh refused to wear salwar kameez for that entire week when  he was asked for. Hina Khan was nominated because of breaking the rule during one of the tasks. She applied make up on Luv Tyagi forehead where zero was written, when Bigg Boss had clearly instructed them not to do so.

Despite having a huge fight with one or the contestant Akash in the Bigg Boss House, and for continously coming in the headlines for getting intimate with priyank she turns out to become the least contestant in the Bigg Boss House. A couple of days ago when host Salman Khan played a prank that Ben was evicted from the Bigg Boss House, Priyank could not control his emotions at all. He did not allow her to go till the real eviction was announced.


The eviction of Benafsha is soon going to create some huge gossip both inside and outside the house. Viewers will now get to know if priyank actually loved her or its just a publicity stunt as said by Benafsha. Benafsha will now soon have to deal with her real boyfriend Varun Sood, who must have felt really uncomfortable with the closeness the two had in the house.

Now let’s wait and watch what happens after eviction. Varun must be waiting to get all the answers for his questions running in his mind. Stay tuned to know what happening in the Bigg Boss House.

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