Yet another divorcee in the b town

upasana singh

Marriages are among those ceremony which are believed to help couples learn and forgive each other, but many just don’t realise the fact and they tend to divorce over the set of differences between the two which they cannot manage. There is a long list of bollywood actors who are impatient to face the facts as it comes and they prefer to divorce their partner as it is an easy process to solve any dispute. The latest addition to this long list is none other than actress upasana singh. This actress is familiar to the viewers from the noticeable roles that she has taken up in various movies like ‘Chalk N Duster’ ‘Aitraaz’, ‘Golmaal Returns’ and many more in which she was capable to make a mark on the screenplay of the movie. She got married to Neeraj Bharadwaj in the year 2009 when he was the star fame of the tv show ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ in that year.

The couple was happily married for few years and as the difference got bigger they decided to live separately after four year of marriage. Recently there has been confirmed report from sources close to the married couple that they have applied for a joint divorce to cut the barrier that hold these two back and even upasana singh has confirmed to the news. Upasana s response to a well known daily channel was  “It’s a personal matter and I don’t appreciate media intruding in that space. I wouldn’t want anything on my personal life making its way into the public domain.” when asked by the journalist during an interview. Neeraj had come forward to support upasna on the matter by saying that their popularity on the screen was at two different level  and it’s one among the factors which turned down their healthy relation.he also added that he didn’t want to hold her back at any cost and the only solution to it is their divorce.

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